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Aimiuwu, E. (2018). Using Social Media to Target Customers for Green Technology Use, International Journal of Virtual Communities & Social Networking, 10(2), 41-61.

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Global warming is now a real threat to life on earth, and more research in information systems is needed to increase the use of green technology (GT) to contribute to sustaining the environment. The aim of this quantitative study was to investigate how social media (SM) can be used to target customers for increased GT use. Surveys from 99 respondents who used SM within the United States were studied. The study’s integrated sustainability framework revealed that firms should be innovative, extend green culture to customers, include green practices in business processes, and increase green market share. Surveys were collected from people in public and online. Microsoft Excel and SPSS were used for statistical analysis. Analysis showed customers who used less than four social media accounts, want insurance deals annually, use affordable GT monthly, and use pricy GT monthly are the best customers to target for GT use. This study could contribute to positive social change by providing knowledge of the best customers to target for more GT use to combat global warming.


Key Findings:

  • Best male customers for green products on SM should be about 31–40 years of age, but the ideal female customers are about 41–50 years old. 

  • Best male customer has a salary range of $30,000–$60,000, while female customer’s salary is about $60,000–$90,000.

  • Best customer to target on SM for GT use is a person who has an annual salary of $30,000–$60,000, is 21–40 years of age, and has a bachelor’s education or some college or vocational school.

  • Users of many social media accounts are most likely interested in green technology use.

  • People that want insurance deals annually are most likely interested in green technology use.

  • People already using a form of green technology are most likely interested in green technology use.


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