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Edofolks.com is an educational Website for people who want to study about Igue festival & coral bead; Benin Empire language & proverbs; history of Benin Kingdomcivil rights; world music; American and global politics; global soccer; and motivational CDs & books from an Edo, African, and global perspective. We have links and articles for Edo and global culture, Edo language CDs, Edo and human history, motivational CDs for human development, as well as a Bible verse of the day for people who are interested in learning about God daily and reading the entire bible each year. Our books are about finding your purpose of life, fulfilling our destiny, and finding your career path; who owns the holy land; and how to understand international students.

We have also provided a FREE online Benin Kingdom language translator and dictionary for anyone who is interested in learning the Edo language. We encourage all people to be bi-lingual or multi-lingual. You may not be an expert in a language, but it is good to understand or hear a few words for communication as well as for traveling purposes. You may also review some of our academic publications - research about Google and information systems. You can get help with NVivo & SPSS software professional to assist you with both your qualitative and quantitative research or dissertation.

Checkout some of our best soccer players ever from an African perspective that played for Barcelona, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Juventus, PSG, Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain, France, Germany, & Italy. We also have our favorite world music & entertainers for you to enjoy.


Math is a subject that is economically beneficial in our world today and in the future, so we have also provided FREE online math tutorial for students who need help in math. Math subjects, such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and general math are presented here for college students as well as for Grade school children, and children in after-school programs.

You can buy your African chewing stick, also known as organic toothbrush or teeth cleaning twig, is used like a mop to clean each tooth at a time (front, back, under), as well as the gum lines and in between each tooth. It basically takes the place of a floss, tongue scrapper, toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. You can also give your children African / Nigeria Edo boy names & girl names to celebrate their African ancestry or identify with the origin of humans.

For those who enjoy walking and running as a form of exercise to keep fit and lose weight, we have provided calorie tables by weight in pounds and kilogram, as well as by distance in miles and kilometer. The calorie burned from walking and running tables should assist you in knowing the amount of calories lost after your walking and running exercises.

Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry, is now the third largest movie industry in the world after Bollywood (India)  and Hollywood (USA). We would like to introduce many of our visitors to Nigerian movie, which includes Edo / Bini / Benin Movies. These movies are sub-titled for those who want to understand the movie from a different culture, language, social expression, as well as political and economical perspective -  Nigerian movies.

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