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Former Vice President Joe Biden is now the democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election. I would have preferred Senator Elizabeth Warren, but he won the democratic primary and it seems many in the media believe that he is going to nominate Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President for the 2020 Presidential election. As a reward for the black votes that helped him to secure the democratic candidate for the 2020 election despite his poor showing in the democratic debate during the democratic primary, many expect Joe Biden to choose a black woman since he has promised to select a woman as his Vice President. 

A lot of American voters want President Donald Trump out of office because they feel he has been a disaster to the country’s reputation both at home and abroad, but many fear that Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris would be an easy win for Trump to get a second term. While the Republicans or the GOP base are prepared to sink or swim with President Donald Trump, Joe Biden needs every black vote he can get. Regardless of the quality of the democratic debate, democratic candidates usually win with a high percentage of black voters coming out to vote. This is what caused Hillary Clinton the presidential election in 2016; black voters were not excited enough to come out to vote. Will Kamala Harris help Joe Biden to bring out that high percentage of black voters to vote or she will sink his ship?    


Based on what I am heard from Black Urban Radio, Kamala Harris will not be a favorable candidate for Joe Biden to defeat President Donald Trump in November 2020. Many argue that Kamala Harris was mean to Black men when she was the Attorney General of California and District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004 to 2017. Others say that she only remembers she is black when it is convenient because she has an Indian mother and a white husband. Many feel that her actions in position of power is more to favor her non-black associates to remain in power than to favor black and brown interests or simply the poor. It does not help matters, when her father, who is a black Jamaican and a renowned economist came out publicly against her in disgust when she associated her illegal activity of smoking marijuana with her black Jamaican ancestry. Some have argued that during her period of smoking Marijuana as the attorney general, she was also locking many black men away behind bars for doing the same thing. So many black men are not too excited about Kamala Harris because they see her as a destructive hypocrite against black equality and progress.

Except for a few like former President Obama, many very powerful blacks at the top, such as Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, usually do not stand for black or minority interests because that is how they stay powerful, influential, and maybe rich. Since Joe Biden needs every black vote to beat President Trump, he need a vice presidential candidate that can get high black percentage turnout to vote and Kamala Harris appears to do the opposite. She even dropped out earlier that most democratic candidates in her own presidential bid in 2020 because voters did not see her as presidential. The last thing that Joe Biden wants is to have Black men stay at home or regretfully go vote for President Donald Trump. If Joe Biden chooses Kamala Harris as his Vice President, I do wish both of them the very best. Good Luck!!!

Update: Aug 11, 2020 - Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris as his Vice President. This mean that white women are going to vote for President Donald Trump again and some white men may vote for neither, so black men MUST forgive and forget, and go VOTE for Joe Biden.