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Edo Religion & African Religion

This page discusses Edo religion, African religion, African Christian, & Islam Africa.  It address Olokun, Devil, Christianity, and Islam's influence in Africa.  Edo religion, African religion, African Christian, & Islam Africa also talks about Christmas and Kwanzaa, Jesus, curses and Africa's future, as well as Islam in Ghana.  This page also shows Edo religion and African religion relates to the Bible.

Do the Edos worship Esu (the Devil)?
Future of African Religion II
Future of African Religion 3
The Curse of Alien Religions
The future of African Religion ( Part5)

The Olokun - The Sea Goddess 2/03
Gender of God 2/03
Olokun Translations (6/03)
Europeans, Gay & the Bible (7/04)
God & African Beliefs (7/04)
A Purpose of Christianity in Africa (1/05)
Christmas versus Kwanzaa (1/05)
Misrepresentation Between God and Devil (3/05)
Occult Christian Holidays (5/05)
Islam and Ghana (5/05)
Catholics and Africans (5/05)
The Difference between Life & Death (2006)
Kwanzaa & Christmas (2006)
Nonsense of Sin & Grace (2006)
Gullibility of Some African Christians (2006)
Jesus Must Take A Stand (2006)
Is Adam the First Man? (2006)
Creation & Evolution (2006)
Secrets of Global Evangelism (2007)
Why God Punishes Black People (11/07)
Tithe For Civil Rights (12/07)
Jesus & Civil Rights (12/07)
Principles for the African God (07/08)
Purpose of the Biblical Paradise (9/08)
Who Could Have Been Cain's Wife? (7/09)


The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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