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Immaculate Conception College
P. O. BOX 30
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The Immaculate Conception College was founded in 1944 by the the former Catholic Bishop of Benin-City, Bishop Patrick J. Kelly, and Rev. Andrew O' Rouke, SMA was its first Principal.  The school was started with only 30 students and it became an official Secondary School in 1954.  In 1966, it admitted its first Higher School Certificate students and ever since then, it had become a foundation for University education within Nigeria and internationally. 

College House Hostel

In 1972, the State Government took over all private and missionary schools, which they did not build, and made them public schools.  The first principal in this period was Mr. R. O. Asenimen, who was followed by Mr. Joseph Itotoh in 1975.  The school gradually increased its students to about 8,000 with four principals, and four schools on the same premises. 

This was the worst time in the school's history.  The school witnessed a decay in morals, behavior, and value in education.  There were about 100 students to a class, high rates of vandalism, and no renovation or maintenance whatsoever.

The Edo State Government by 2004 had no choice but to return all acquired schools to their original owner because the students, teachers, laboratory equipments, class furniture and materials, along with school trophies and yearly financial allocation for renovation and maintenance were moved to other schools, which are now privately owned, or to other unknown locations.  The first principal in this period was Rev. Dr. I. P. Ebeigbe and in 2005, he was replaced by Rev. Dr. C. I. Ofoegbu.

Thanks to the Archbishop Rev Dr. P. E. Ekpu for providing the funds needed to provide furniture for the classrooms, beds for the hostels, and renovation of the buildings.  The school currently has over 500 students.