Hire NVivo Professional for Qualitative Research
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Edofolks can assist professors, graduates, and PhD students who need help with using the NVivo software to categorize and summarize their qualitative data for research. An NVivo professional with be assigned to you and should deliver your work within a week.

Professors and students are responsible for collection of data, transcribing the data, and doing the member checking procedure for both confirmability and credibility before sending their data to the NVivo professional on Microsoft Word. Each respondent should be on a separate page and each response should be right below each interview question.

For just $200, the NVivo professional will do the following:

  • Create the nodes and sub-nodes
  • Provide the top themes for the study
  • Provide the Source & Reference percentages
  • Show proof of Saturation of study
  • Provide Themes that address each research question in the interview protocol
  • Provide Text Queries for each of the themes

Please send each respondent on a separate page and each transcribed response should be right below each interview question. Send data at info@edofolks.com and make payments below:


You are all welcome to Edofolks and please do business with our sponsors!!!


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