Edofolks.com documents anything Edo/Bini, educate about Edo/Bini, encourage Edo people of Nigeria, and support the progress and welfare of all Edo peoples socially, economically, politically, and intellectually. We have published Edo/Bini dictionary, articles from an Edo perspective, made Edo/Bini language CDs, and created Motivational CDs inspired by Edo to make this world a better place to live in.  You may help yourself with some of our Edo products below:

Learn to Speak Edo

Edo Language CDs: The purpose of the Edo/Bini language CDs is to preserve the Edo and African languages, and also to increase the number of Edo language speakers...


Edo inspired motivational CDs

Motivational CDs: The 3 motivational CDs teaches how to erase your debt and use a credit card, become an excellent student, and find a good wife...


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